About Us

What We Do

We, at Barr, are one of Scotland’s leading waste management companies, operating a variety of high quality waste treatment, recycling and residual disposal facilities throughout the West of Scotland.

How We Help Our Customers

We understand the importance of managing waste in an efficient and compliant manner. We support our customers by providing a fully integrated service, from collecting and treating waste through to recycling and, if required, diverting to landfill.

Our leading waste treatment and recycling capability enables us to not only efficiently treat waste, but support our customers, such as local authorities, in achieving their recycling and diversion rates.

This service generates significant savings which can be used by our customers to reinvest into their operations.

Our Experience

We have been established as a business for over 150 years with over two decades of specific experience in waste management. In this time we have formed a strong reputation in providing waste management and environmental services to an array of public and private sector customers from facilities across the West of Scotland.

We are recognised as a leading, local provider of waste management solutions and services with a strong operational presence throughout Ayrshire and West Dunbartonshire.

Our Services

We are able to provide the following comprehensive services to current and prospective customers:

– Waste Management
– Waste Collection
– Skip Hire
– Hazardous Waste
– Composting
– Recycled Products
– Energy from Waste

Our Heritage

Our heritage dates back to the late nineteenth century, when Barr started life as W & J Barr & Sons, a local builder and joiner based in Ayrshire.

The business developed in the early part of the twentieth century into civil engineering projects in the region, before expanding into the rest of Scotland and the North of England.

From the late 1980s until the turn of the century the Company, in the continuing ownership of the Barr family, embarked upon a major expansion and diversification programme that took the Company into areas such as house building, leisure management, and retail. Barr continued to deliver a range of civil engineering projects including roads, bridges, and major earthworks.

In 2007 the shares in Barr were acquired by Trench Holdings, and through continuous development the business has developed into a leading waste management company. The heritage that Barr has established in the construction company has been retained within our sister company, McLaughlin & Harvey Construction Limited, who operate independently and are one of the UK’s leading design and construction companies specialising in large-scale leisure, commercial and retail projects.


The performance of our business sectors are underpinned by our guiding principles which focus on Assessment, Best Value and Customer Satisfaction.


Assessing and understanding needs is fundamental to our business development, and key to the success of the services we provide.

Best Value

Value for money achieved through careful planning, efficient use of resources and tight control of operations will produce a product that meets our customers’ aspirations.

Customer Satisfaction

Consistent delivery of a high quality product, on time and within budget will lead to repeat orders and successful, long-term business relationships.

Killoch Training Centre


See our exclusive Killoch Training Centre website for more details here

In addition to operating our core waste management business we also provide specialist, accredited training to the construction, quarrying, road surfacing, environmental and transport industries through the Killoch Training Centre.

We offer a wide range of courses from our fully equipped training facilities located in Killoch, East Ayrshire. The Killoch Training Centre is also available for hire for events such as training, corporate training days and seminars. Have a look at our exclusive website to see a list of our courses.



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