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The circular economy is a well-developed term and model that seeks to transform thinking in organisations. The central premise is that organisations must seek ways of transforming traditional open-production (make-use-dispose) systems to a clearer, sustainable system, where consumption is reduced and resources are reused. A circular economy encourages organisations to reduce pressure on natural resources and international supply chains and to contribute to sustainable economic growth.

At Barr, we have developed our Circular Economy by seeking to:

  1. Reduce the consumption of natural resources
  2. Increase the reuse of materials
  3. Source locally, employ locally – be part of, and support the development of the local communities where our operations are based

Reduce the consumption of natural resources

We operate in an industry where much of the materials utilised have been mined from source, consuming both mineral and energy. At Barr, we think and behave differently as we strive to reduce the consumption of natural resources through the recycling and reuse of material back into process. For example, when a customer seeks our support in surfacing a road we can reclaim the existing road material and reprocess it at our facilities to create a new surface grade. This not only reduces the raw mineral demand but also enables us to manufacture the required standard of product by consuming less energy.

Increase the reuse of materials

In an increasingly environmentally conscious society, many citizens and organisations are striving to adopt a more sustainable approach to the way in which they operate. At Barr, we are supporting many local authorities in their treatment of waste in an effort to minimise the amount of material that has traditionally been transported to landfill. Furthermore, we have invested significantly in innovative technologies that enable us to treat and process waste, such as metals, wood and glass so that it can be recycled in the production of similar or alternative products. In addition, we are using technology to communicate with our customers to help reduce the requirement and consumption of paper but also to act as a differentiated service, providing customer-specific data instantaneously to ensure the customer is clearly informed of where their goods are, at any point, in the supply chain.

Local communities

Barr is a business that has established strong and deep roots in the communities of Ayrshire and Dumfries & Galloway. We are a significant employer in these regions and believe we have a responsibility to not only operate in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner but we are also passionate about supporting the development of its people and of their local economies. At Barr, we are developing innovative and industry-leading products and services that are enhancing the lives of these communities as we work with our customers to develop transport, energy and waste management infrastructures, which require close community liaison and engagement. The development of these products and services requires the support of local suppliers and we have formed close working partnerships with them as we enhance our offerings to the markets we serve. Furthermore, we are looking to develop young talent within these local communities by offering comprehensive training and personal development programs to help build managers and leaders with professionally accredited qualifications capable of working with Barr or with other businesses in Ayrshire and Dumfries & Galloway.



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