Energy From Waste

Supporting our customers comply with Zero Waste Scotland objectives.

Barr Environmental is committed to helping our clients comply with their obligations under the Scottish Zero Waste Plan.

Many of the output materials from our materials recovery processes are suitable for use in energy recovery processes such as biomass, solid recovered fuel (SRF) and refuse derived fuel (RDF). Biomass, solid recovered fuel and refuse derived fuel, due to their high calorific value, can be used in a suitable energy-from-waste facility (e.g. gasification plant).

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Barr is seeking to develop, in the longer-term, a new energy recovery park based at Killoch in East Ayrshire. This park will process RDF and convert it into electricity, which will connect to the National Grid and heat, which will be used on-site in a variety of applications. To learn  more about this exciting £60 million investment please visit 

We have recently released our own Barr Killoch newsletter. The aim of this newsletter is to inform all parties on the progress and development of Barr Killoch Energy Recovery Park which is seeking to improve the way in which local authorities manage local household waste (i.e. bin bags). To download our first monthly newsletter, click hereKilloch-newsletter-thumbnail

At Barr Environmental we are one of Scotland’s leading waste management companies, operating a variety of high quality waste treatment, recycling and residual disposal facilities throughout the west and south west of Scotland. We understand the importance of managing waste in an efficient and compliant. We support our customers by providing a fully integrated service from collecting and treating waste through to recycling and, if required, diverting to landfill.

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