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Another Hard Day’s Work for Barr Environmental Staff Volunteering at Whiteleys Retreat! - Barr Environmental | Waste Management | Waste Treatment | Waste Disposal

Another Hard Day’s Work for Barr Environmental Staff Volunteering at Whiteleys Retreat!

Posted: 25.09.20

Two 30 yard skips and one 20 yarder later, Barr staff can now rest after a hard day’s work assisting our chosen charity, Whiteleys Retreat, with their property refurbishment and spring clean. The beautiful property, located on the outskirts of Alloway, used to be an old farm yard before being purchased, renovated and transformed into the  amazing haven it is today. The site has seen a great deal of work over the last 2 years by charity volunteers and we at Barr Environmental are delighted to play our part in the charity and sites development.

To make the most of the countryside surrounding the lodges, Whiteleys have taken the decision to remove two of the old barns which sit overlooking a beautiful hill leading to acres of land and trees. By removing these two barns the view will really open up and be great for the families and staff to make best use of and further add to the tranquillity of the surroundings. As such, six Barr staff, with the help of Bernard and Maxine of Whiteleys Retreat, descended on the property to remove all clutter and waste from within the barns, as well as clearing away items that were no longer required from elsewhere on the site. The before and after pictures of each barn is pictured below, with all involved completely exhausted afterwards.

Now that the barns have been cleared, Whiteleys  can now move on to Phase 2 of the development, where J B Black will dismantle the barns. Barr will again assist with this by taking the asbestos roofing away for appropriate safe disposal. All rubble from the demolition will be reused onsite to fill in an old silage pit, thereby ensuring minimal waste.

We at Barr are delighted to be able to help our chosen charity, Whiteleys Retreat, in this project and we look forward to seeing the finished development and the joy it will bring to so many families in their darkest times.

A huge thank you to everyone involved!