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Barr Environmental COVID-19 News Update - Barr Environmental | Waste Management | Waste Treatment | Waste Disposal

Barr Environmental COVID-19 News Update

Posted: 03.04.20

Following the Government’s recent announcements on Key Workers and the potential for the consequences of the COVID-19 virus to be longer lasting than expected, we at Barr Environmental Limited would like to provide an update on how we are combating this rapid and ever-changing situation.

As you know we are currently in the middle of a global pandemic which is affecting all industries and their personnel. We at Barr are constantly keeping up-to-date with all advice provided by the Government and following it stringently, as we look to protect our staff and sustain our business.

The Waste Industry has been identified as a “Key Industry” in Government guidance which means that operations should continue, as far as practically possible, in order to provide this frontline service to councils and the wider public. It is our aim to support the other key sectors in keeping the public safe and the economy moving by maintaining and prioritising health, hygiene and environmental standards through proper waste disposal and management.

The current situation with regard to our business operations, is that the Civic Amenity sites at both Heathfield, (Ayr) and Garlaff, (Skares), have subsequently been closed until further notice, as per local authority and government guidance. As a vital public service, Barr Environmental Skip Hire, and our Commercial and Local Authority waste recovery and disposal service, continue at Auchencarroch, Garlaff, Heathfield and Southhook.

The health, safety and wellbeing of all Barr Environmental Limited staff is paramount. As such, we have taken appropriate steps to reduce the risk to all workers on Barr sites as well as developing and communicating contingency plans to our staff, customers and suppliers. We have requested that operational site staff carry out their duties as per Government guideline “Key Worker” status. However, Barr have also taken additional measures to reduce possible exposure. These include the addition of more staff hygiene facilities and PPE, communication of Government advice through toolbox talks and posters, and the implementation of social distancing principles onsite, for example, through minimising work activities that involve staff working in close proximity as far as is reasonably practicable.

All staff that can work from home are currently doing so, carrying out their daily duties remotely. However, with the potential for the situation to continue long-term and to accommodate the changing requirements of our Local Authority customers, Barr Environmental Limited have furloughed a number of employees, as per the Government’s “Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.” This decision has not been taken lightly –  however we hope that this provides staff with a degree of security and income protection as they continue to be pivotal to the plans and success of the business moving forward once this situation stabilises.

Our Management Team are reviewing the evolving situation daily and ensuring that the lines of communication with employees and customers are prioritised. The Barr management team continues to offer support for any employee with concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus.

We would like to thank all Barr Environmental Limited employees, customers, clients and contractors for their continued commitment, support and understanding during these unprecedented times as we strive to keep communities safe.