Barr Environmental Limited delighted to join the Construction Waste Portal!

Posted: 13.03.20

The Construction Waste Portal is an integrated forecasting, costing and reporting platform which is aiming to connect construction companies with waste companies UK wide, as industries continue to strive for low carbon and net zero practices.

Actively estimating waste in the construction industry can be challenging and time consuming and so the Construction Waste Portal aims to provide a system which will allow construction companies to actively manage and predict their projected waste, giving a true overall cost of waste disposal. This system will assist not only construction companies but also provide waste companies with valuable information such as expected waste tonnage, waste breakdown and reduction targets.

The application is a postcode based “live” environment, allowing competitive rates for waste disposal services to be compared from both local and national waste companies. This will furthermore create a competitive, star-rated, broker-free environment for construction companies.

Barr Environmental Limited are pleased to be part of the new Construction Waste Portal and are looking forward to helping the construction industry achieve their reduction targets and waste goals and to further bridge the gap between the two industries.