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Barr Environmental staff to attend SWITCH forums upcoming annual event! - Barr Environmental | Waste Management | Waste Treatment | Waste Disposal

Barr Environmental staff to attend SWITCH forums upcoming annual event!

Posted: 05.03.20

The purpose of SWITCH is broadly to promote the improvement of health, safety and wellbeing in the resource and waste management industry in Scotland by supporting discussion and education/training across the industry, to help prevent, minimise and reduce risk and accidents to workers, others and the general public who come into contact with the sector.

The SWITCH annual conference will take place on 20th March 2020 in Dundee, Marryat Hall (DD1 3BG), between 10am- 3.15pm. The conference will consider a range of issues relevant to the resource management industry including, hearing from HSE Waste and Recycling Team on the challenges we face as an industry, safe driving practice, issues regarding dust and bioaerosols at waste sites, and hear about the LOcHER Project – a movement for encouraging a positive Health & Safety culture in our future generations and much more.

Barr Environmental Limited continue their support of the SWITCH Forum and will send representatives, who are looking forward to attending the conference. We would urge others to take up the chance to attend this free event, with two places per organisation available. To book a place please click here

Join as a member to be kept informed of SWITCH events and news https://switchforum.org.uk/