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Barr Invests In New & Efficient Infrastructure - Barr Environmental | Waste Management | Waste Treatment | Waste Disposal

Barr Invests In New & Efficient Infrastructure

Posted: 20.06.17

We are proud to announce our investment in new infrastructure.

Thanks to Volvo, we have acquired brand new vehicles for our Skip Container services. Complete with our most up-to-date branding, two of our vehicles are Volvo FM 8-wheeler roll on/off units. These vehicles are 420bhp and have a highly efficient Euro 6 engine (the latest diesel engine emission legislations being driven by the European Commission) and is equipped with a state-of-the art automatic gearbox.

We have also acquired a Volvo FE 4-wheeler chain life vehicle. It is a 250bhp vehicle, also equipped with a Euro 6 engine and automatic transmission.

All vehicles are fitted with ADR equipment to enable compliant asbestos disposal. Multilift lifting equipment has been fitted to all three vehicles with an ‘easy sheet’ sheeting system. In keeping with our environmental commitment, these vehicles reduce emissions and therefore reduces transport pollution and fuel usage, helping cut down on our carbon footprint.

These vehicles are the most efficient and safest vehicles on the market, and this continues to demonstrate our commitment to clean and efficient technologies.

If you require a skip hire service, please call our sales team on 0800 848 8181.