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Barr receives Certificate of Appreciation - Barr Environmental | Waste Management | Waste Treatment | Waste Disposal

Barr receives Certificate of Appreciation

Posted: 20.06.17

We are delighted to announce that last month we were awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from Pusong Pinoy. Pusong Pinoy (Heart of a Filipino), a charity based in the Philippines, started back in 2009 and their mission is to provide assistance to organizations in the Philippines that have effective programs designed to help marginalized kids learn and appreciate reading by donating used books to their cause.

Douglas Inness of Pusong Pinoy praised Barr, saying: “This brings the total donation from Barr to 2,000 books that will be shipped to Manila. Thank you to all for supporting this book re-cycling initiative.”

Barr’s Senior Operations Manager Gordon Whiteford said, “We are proud to part of an educational cause and we are more than happy to contribute to Pusong Pinoy due to their hard work and commitment in helping young children in the Philippines. Thanks must go to the public who deposit these books at our Heathfield Recycling Centre in Ayr. We, at Barr, are delighted to offer donations like these to help kids at the other side of the world improve literacy and provide an economic and sustainable alternative to recycling books.”