Barr and UWS: One Year On

Posted: 20.06.17

We are proud to announce the first year anniversary of our partnership agreement with the University of the West of Scotland, which has added significant value to our business. This ‘University-Industry Partnership Agreement’ has given us the opportunity to work in mutual collaboration with the UWS in a range of projects.

During the first year of our partnership we have worked alongside the UWS in a variety of projects including:

  • Working with the Creative Technologies Team who developed a 3-D model and animation for our Barr Killoch Energy Recovery Park project. This short video is available to view on this website at our video page and our energy-from-waste project website
  • Completion of a research study initiated into the behaviours and services of household waste recycling centres in the West of Scotland
  • Recruiting a management trainee who is now being mentored at one of our recycling and resource management facilities
  • Providing educational lectures to MSC Waste & Clean Technologies students
  • Mutual sharing of market and industry intelligence

Back on the 29th of January 2015, Barr director Gavin Money signed the partnership agreement with Dr Robert Crawford, Interim Head of University of the West of Scotland Enterprise Services, at the Paisley campus of the UWS.


“As a prominent employer in the waste management sector in Scotland,” Gavin Money said, “we, at Barr, are delighted to sign this partnership with the University of West of Scotland. As well as ensuring practical employment experiences for the University’s students, we will also be working to develop research and knowledge transfer partnerships.”

After a successful year of collaboration, we are hoping to work more with the University of the West of Scotland as we continue with our latest projects during 2016.