BarrGrow®: PAS 100 Quality

Posted: 20.06.17

We are pleased to announce that on the 9th of November we successfully gained reaccreditation for our PAS 100 compost, BarrGrow®.

What is PAS 100?

PAS 100 is industry standard compost certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI). The specification covers the entire auditing process upon visitation of site specific compost. From testing raw materials and production methods, and through quality control and lab testing, this ensures certified compost is quality assured, safe and reliable for commercial and domestic use.

Audit & Reaccreditation

On the 21st of October, NSF Agriculture conducted an audit at our Garlaff Recycling & Resource Management site where the auditor and our Compliance & Technical team commenced a site walkover. The auditor was then shown the composting area, and monitored our greenwaste treatment, inspected samples, how it is processed and checked the finished product. After careful inspection and consideration, our compost was successfully reaccredited and we received a PAS 100 certificate valid until November 9th 2016.

Attaining 4/4 marks for visual inspection of products, the PAS 100 reaccreditation has demonstrated our commitment to quality assured compost and shows that BarrGrow® is a prime example of industry standard compost.