Contributing and Committed to our Local Community

Posted: 20.06.17

Barr has operated in Ayrshire for over 150 years and has been providing recycling and waste management solutions for close to 20 years. Today, we are recognised as a leading waste management company in the west of Scotland.

One of our clear aims is to source locally, employ locally— be part of, and support the development of the local communities where our operations are based. As part of this commitment we have contributed significant monies to the landfill communities fund, a widely available source of funding accessible to all community-based initiatives.

Towards the end of 2015, Barr’s contribution to the landfill communities fund has supported three community projects across Ayrshire. These include:

  • Belleisle Conservatory Ltd: A Scottish charity and community based organisation aiming to restore the famous Conservatory at Belleisle Park in Ayr.
  • Cumnock Juniors Community Enterprise:  A charity that focuses on the upgrading and delivery of sports facilities, programmes and resources in order to encourage regular participation in different sports and physical activities.
  • Troon Portland Bowling Club: A bowling club situated next to Troon’s beautiful beachfront.

Barr’s contribution through the landfill communities fund were administered through the South Ayrshire Waste & Environment Trust and EB Scotland Limited, two respective environmental bodies.

We, at Barr, are proud and committed to the development of local partnerships and community engagement, and look forward to continuing to fund projects through the landfill communities fund.