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Good News Household Waste Recycling Centres Set to Reopen on the 1st June - Barr Environmental | Waste Management | Waste Treatment | Waste Disposal

Good News Household Waste Recycling Centres Set to Reopen on the 1st June

Posted: 27.05.20

Barr Environmental Limited in conjunction with South and East Ayrshire Councils are delighted to announce that the Household Recycling Centres at both Heathfield (Ayr) and Garlaff (Skares) are set to reopen on the 1st of June. This follows the latest guidance from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as we are set to enter Phase one of the Roadmap for a sustainable recovery from the COVID19 crisis. Much collaboration and planning has been put into reopening the sites as both staff and public safety is of paramount importance.

The main safety measures that will be in place are:

  • Only one person should step out of their vehicle to unload, at any one time.
  • Adhere to social distancing onsite at all times, please note site attendants are unable to help at the present time, therefore householders are being asked not to bring items that are too big or heavy to handle/unload themselves.
  • Vehicles will be asked to follow the temporary Traffic Management Plan and queuing systems which will be in place at both sites as there will be a reduced number of vehicles allowed into the site at any one time.

Rules apply that are specific to East Ayrshire and South Ayrshire which are as follows:

East Ayrshire – Residents require a Recycling Permit and a booking slot which can be arranged online at the East Ayrshire Website or call: 01563 554400, which should help reduce waiting times.

South Ayrshire – No Permit is required, however, householders are required to bring proof that they live in South Ayrshire through a driving licence or council tax bill. For more information see South Ayrshire Website

We appreciate that with the sites being closed for a long period of time there will be a high volume of people wanting to access the sites, as such they will be very busy in the first few weeks of re-opening. So please allow extra time for your trip, return at another time if possible if long queues are observed and be patient and understanding with our staff as we resume this service as safely as possible for everyone.

For updated opening times please refer to: Barr Environmental Limited Opening Times