Mental Health Awareness Week

Posted: 20.05.20

This year’s theme is KINDNESS which is very unexpectedly appropriate at the moment, as we find ourselves in the midst of the COVID19 crisis. Kindness should be one of the core values of a good society but particularly in recent weeks, even a small act of Kindness has made a huge difference to the way that people are feeling.

The impact that COVID-19 and the lockdown is having on the nation’s mental health is significant with a rise in anxiety, depression, stress and domestic abuse. However, the Government has put measures in place to support individuals who are struggling with their mental health. They have expanded the NHS 24 hour online and telephone helpline services, but most importantly, they have launched a campaign called “CLEAR YOUR HEAD” which provides practical advice on how to stay active, connect with friends and family and create healthy routines to help you get through this crisis.  The website gathers together all the information on support that is available and where to get it, so anyone in need is encouraged to have a look at the resources on the website.

One of the most important things to remember during Mental Health Awareness week and beyond is that it is okay sometimes not to feel okay and that when that is the case, help is there and available when you need it. Anyone who is struggling with mental health symptoms like feeling anxious or depressed, are encouraged to speak to someone, whether it is family, friends or work colleagues or through services offered by organisations like the Samaritans or Breathing Space at:

Mental Health Awareness is not just for this week or for the COVID19 crisis, awareness is of ongoing importance for a healthy work and home life and as such, Barr Environmental Limited continue to raise awareness to their staff on mental health and wellbeing by delivering regular toolbox talks and briefings and operating an open door policy where staff will be listened to with empathy and actively given any support that they need.

For further information and support go to the Mental Health Foundation Website here: