It’s Not Waste, It’s a Resource to Reuse

Posted: 15.05.17

We are delighted to receive new trailers from BMI Group today, which have been released into our operating fleet.

Some months ago we conducted a market study with a large number of visitors to our civic amenity sites and asked them a series of questions about the operational effectiveness of our facilities. We concluded this study by asking the public if they knew what happened to their waste once it was deposited at our site. Every single person responded with a resounding no!

Therefore, in an effort to educate the public and our customers we have developed a simple diagram depicting the journey of waste once it is either collected from homes or received at civic amenity sites. The visual representation is now clearly branded on the back of our trailers with the message that ‘it’s not waste, it’s a resource to reuse’!

Learn more about our resource recovery process here at – or look out for it when passing one of our new trailers!