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Phase Two of Redevelopment Works At Whiteleys Retreat Complete! - Barr Environmental | Waste Management | Waste Treatment | Waste Disposal

Phase Two of Redevelopment Works At Whiteleys Retreat Complete!

Posted: 05.10.20

Work continued this week at Whiteleys Retreat, with Barr Environmental Limited working with J B Black and John Paterson to carry out the final works on the land restoration.

Following the clearing and emptying of multiple barns by Barr staff last week, work moved onto the demolition of the two barns. We at Barr again donated a 40 yard skip to Whiteleys which, following the correct health and safety guidelines for the safe removal of asbestos, was filled by J B Black with roofing from the barn before being transferred to our Landfill and Resource Management Facility at Skares for secure disposal. This then allowed J B Black to move in to remove the metal supports and complete the demolition.

All rubble produced from the barns was then used to level off the ground (as shown in the picture below) and to fill the old shallow silage pit. This was then topped off with 6 loads (60-80 tonnes) of our very own PAS 100 standard compost BarrGrow®, produced at our Green Waste Treatment Centre at Garlaff, which as a soil improver will allow the land to be fertile enough to grow grass and blend in with it’s beautiful surroundings. If anyone is interested in some BarrGrow® compost for their own projects or even for their back garden then please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 848 8181 for rates. This product is offered for free to the general public.

Overall everyone involved in this project is delighted with the final outcome and Barr would like to thank Ian Watt Haulage Limited and Breedon for haulage assistance and J B Black and John Paterson for all of their time and effort to make this possible for the fantastic charity that Whiteleys Retreat is! We hope that everyone at Whiteleys and their visiting families enjoy the new found space and the beautiful views that have been created for them.