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Waste Management

Completely At Your Disposal.

Waste is not a dirty word.

Across the West of Scotland, our integrated and comprehensive waste treatment is recognised as the best in the business.

With our fleet of refuse collection vehicles, skip hire, specialised materials recovery processes, and fully licensed disposal facilities – Barr is fully equipped to provide our public and private sector clients with satisfying, end to end solutions.

Staffed by dedicated and talented personnel in superbly appointed facilities, we strive for customer peace of mind whilst ensuring recycling rates are achieved and all regulatory requirements are met.



  • Civic Amenity and Recycling
  • Landfill
  • Skip Hire
  • Integrated Waste Management Services

Civic Amenity and Recycling

With Barr, there’s no need to be down in the dumps.

From bottle banks to electronics disposal, we operate civic amenity and recycling centres in Heathfield, Garlaff and at Auchencarroch as well as our waste transfer centre at Southhook.


When it comes to landfill, Barr’s approach is clear and integrated.

Our recycling and waste treatment facilities at Garlaff and Auchencarroch also support our large landfill capacity. Waste that cannot be disposed of in any other way goes into these landfill sites. Simple.

We have a significant amount of space in our landfill sites, which is testament to our sustainable way of working and we aim to keep it that way. At our landfill sites we have energy infrastructure which converts the gas generated from the degradation of waste into electricity. Collectively, our landfill sites supply close to 6MW of electricity to the National Grid.

Skip Hire

Barr provides a range of skip hire services in the Ayrshire for commercial, industrial and domestic uses. Sizes range from 8 to 40 yard skips with full delivery and collection service. Both covered and uncovered skips can be provided from our bases.

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Integrated Waste Management Services

We keep the waste cycle turning.

Barr Environmental offers cost effective, fully compliant, integrated waste management solutions in the following sectors,

  • Commercial and Retail
  • Construction
  • Hospital & Catering
  • Healthcare & Veterinary
  • Local Authorities

We also supply colour-coded and labelled internal waste bins for use in offices, kitchens, etc., to facilitate as much recycling as possible and our individual bags mean that all refuse can be collected in a single skip or collection vehicle, helping our customers to waste everything except money.


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Our dedicated Waste Management team are available on FREEFONE 0800 848 8181 or submit an online enquiry.

At Barr Environmental we are one of Scotland’s leading waste management companies, operating a variety of high quality waste treatment, recycling and residual disposal facilities throughout the west and south west of Scotland. We understand the importance of managing waste in an efficient and compliant manner. We support our customers by providing a fully integrated service from collecting and treating waste through to recycling and, if required, diverting to landfill.

At Barr we would be delighted to speak to you about your needs, call us on 01290 700 800 to speak to our experienced team who will be pleased to assist you with our Environmental services.

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